Of improvised toys and rustic games

The other day I was disposing a lot of my son’s toys and I remembered how before my son was born, I would get expensive toys from all over UK for my nephew. He was about 2 years old then, I remember I bought him a suitcase-load of toys I thought he would enjoy. Three … Continue reading Of improvised toys and rustic games


Mothering, then and now

While everyone around me were showering eulogies on their mothers, I had a raging row with my mother on the phone. Today, on Mother's Day here. As is my wont, it immediately went on to become a tirade of past injustices done to me by her and others, and how she never spoke up for … Continue reading Mothering, then and now

Hippocrates could not have seen this coming

A man was brought to Apollo Gleneagles Hospital in Kolkata from a road traffic accident with severe injuries. Unable to afford the cost of care there, he was moved to the Government tertiary care hospital IPGMER where he died within 4 hours of being moved. This piece of news resulted in the government and much … Continue reading Hippocrates could not have seen this coming