In the name of the father…

A few weeks back, a friend's mother passed away, and they were nowhere near being prepared. They are all going about their business and pretending everything was normal, only nothing was, is, normal. She does not even know, at this point anyway, whether she ever will be normal. Inside her, that is. How does one … Continue reading In the name of the father…



*long post alert - necessitated by Code Freeze* I went to UK 6 months after my husband did, and in our fledgling 1.5 year old marriage  where earlier we had lived in a very basic rented flat in Kolkata, his hospital accommodation of a terraced house was pretty well-laid out. In the kitchen were things one … Continue reading CROSS-CULTURAL CONFUSION

In which the mother discusses bringing up a teenager

  The recent teenager’s death and the imbroglio related to it, in Calcutta, has brought in a lot of discussion around parenting, as schools and parents struggle to understand how not to make any mistakes and how to raise the perfect person. The thing is, there isn’t one. And neither are there perfect parents, so quit … Continue reading In which the mother discusses bringing up a teenager

Such are the dreams of the everyday (middle-aged) woman

So many aspects of my grandmother’s life were thoroughly unsatisfactory. Higher education was a privilege reserved for the boys in the family. Her choice of spouse was completely dictated by the parents and how she had other marriageable sisters ‘behind’ her. There was no question of her working outside the house. Her sphere of influence … Continue reading Such are the dreams of the everyday (middle-aged) woman