I forget the bills, Baba….

Did you know that there is this thing called gross and net amount in an electricity bill? And that if you didn't pay within the due date, you lost out, the princely sum of say, 60 rupees in a bill of 4K? For the last almost 2.5 years, I have lost so much money which … Continue reading I forget the bills, Baba….


Queer Pitch – the human cost

Two men were kissing each other in a plane. ' Fellow passenger objected. One of the two men kissing: Why does it bother you so much that we are kissing? Fellow passenger – this is unnatural! One of the two men – you’re flying! I had seen this act by Russell Howard on TV a … Continue reading Queer Pitch – the human cost

Storm, Electricity, Bills, Baba, Kaku

There was a raging storm here a couple of hours back. All our cell phones went on the blink and after some frustrating fiddling with them, we realized what the problem was and just waited it out till Airtel got their act together and the lines returned. I suddenly thought of my father with a … Continue reading Storm, Electricity, Bills, Baba, Kaku

Battle of the Bulge – Wishful Shrinking

My mother-in-law told me the other day that I was fat. Just like that, I swear. And people wonder why women don't get along with their mothers-in-law! I felt like telling her that the Sengupta family cannot talk to us Chattorajs about obesity - they just cannot. But my parents taught me to gulp my … Continue reading Battle of the Bulge – Wishful Shrinking