One door closes…..

When they plucked you out of my womb, I felt the tug and then they brought this swaddled infant, little over a kilogram in weight, with green gunk all over, and showed me you, I felt no love. I fell into my tired slumber as they took you away but before I did, I still … Continue reading One door closes…..


The Apurva story of Kangana

How many of you have watched the BBC (faux) quiz show Have I Got News for You? Every time I watch an episode of it, I am reminded how thin-skinned we Indians are when it comes to laughing at ourselves. The question about freedom of speech aside, this lack of ability to laugh at oneself … Continue reading The Apurva story of Kangana

Hippocrates could not have seen this coming

A man was brought to Apollo Gleneagles Hospital in Kolkata from a road traffic accident with severe injuries. Unable to afford the cost of care there, he was moved to the Government tertiary care hospital IPGMER where he died within 4 hours of being moved. This piece of news resulted in the government and much … Continue reading Hippocrates could not have seen this coming