Hate. Kill. 1984-2017

I have been trying since yesterday to wrap my head round the horrendous video of this man attacking the other man with a machete and then burning him. So blase. So nonchalant that I had bile coming to my mouth. And to think someone - I now hear a 14 year old - was recording … Continue reading Hate. Kill. 1984-2017


Battle of the Bulge – Wishful Shrinking

My mother-in-law told me the other day that I was fat. Just like that, I swear. And people wonder why women don't get along with their mothers-in-law! I felt like telling her that the Sengupta family cannot talk to us Chattorajs about obesity - they just cannot. But my parents taught me to gulp my … Continue reading Battle of the Bulge – Wishful Shrinking

The Apurva story of Kangana

How many of you have watched the BBC (faux) quiz show Have I Got News for You? Every time I watch an episode of it, I am reminded how thin-skinned we Indians are when it comes to laughing at ourselves. The question about freedom of speech aside, this lack of ability to laugh at oneself … Continue reading The Apurva story of Kangana