Then they came for me…

If the doctors continue with their strike - and maybe they should - who will suffer the most? It has - or variations of it has - happened so many times that writing about it (again?) seems to have very little point. And yet write we must. Because, while times are changing and the sword, … Continue reading Then they came for me…

Smart phones and unsmart people

My mother, till recently, had the Nokia phone which no self-respecting adult under the age of 65 use any more. My father had a brief stint with a phone I gave him, which had a camera, and he could take pictures of his grand-kids and his potted plants with it, but then, when Alzheimer's hit … Continue reading Smart phones and unsmart people

Mother. (Also see masochist, loony, saint)

      2 weeks before my son came for his winter vacations, he got mugged at gunpoint by 3 men in Chicago. He did something he has done several times, walk up a street for a sandwich, but wait, with friends. This time he was alone. They didn’t take much, 30-40 dollars, he says. They … Continue reading Mother. (Also see masochist, loony, saint)

Storm, Electricity, Bills, Baba, Kaku

There was a raging storm here a couple of hours back. All our cell phones went on the blink and after some frustrating fiddling with them, we realized what the problem was and just waited it out till Airtel got their act together and the lines returned. I suddenly thought of my father with a … Continue reading Storm, Electricity, Bills, Baba, Kaku

Battle of the Bulge – Wishful Shrinking

My mother-in-law told me the other day that I was fat. Just like that, I swear. And people wonder why women don't get along with their mothers-in-law! I felt like telling her that the Sengupta family cannot talk to us Chattorajs about obesity - they just cannot. But my parents taught me to gulp my … Continue reading Battle of the Bulge – Wishful Shrinking

The Apurva story of Kangana

How many of you have watched the BBC (faux) quiz show Have I Got News for You? Every time I watch an episode of it, I am reminded how thin-skinned we Indians are when it comes to laughing at ourselves. The question about freedom of speech aside, this lack of ability to laugh at oneself … Continue reading The Apurva story of Kangana